A blog about vision

I am Daniel Baker, a postdoctoral research fellow at Aston University (UK). I live in Stoke-on-Trent with my girlfriend Laura, our two cats (Olive & River) and rabbit (Flossy).

I’ve wondered about starting a blog for a while, but was largely put off by the name (which makes me imagine someone vomiting), and the fact that it’s always seemed rather narcissistic to assume that anyone is interested in what I think. However, I’ve decided that even if nobody reads any of this it will still be a useful place for me to note down some ideas. Also, these days publicly funded researchers are supposed to ‘engage’ with the public, and this seems like as good a way of doing it as any other.

My intention is to write mostly about work and work-related things, but also include posts on my other interests occasionally, like photography and science fiction books/films. Work involves behavioural experiments on human observers to investigate low-level visual processing. I use a combination of psychophysical techniques and computational modelling. My main research interests are:

Binocular vision (including binocular rivalry and amblyopia)
Spatial vision

I intend to post about some of these things here, as well as papers I’m working on, and conferences I go to. Since I’m a sort of proto-academic, and at some point in the next two years will be job-hunting again, there might be bits & pieces about that too. I had a quick search before I signed myself up to WordPress, and couldn’t find anyone else writing specifically about low-level vision, so I hope this fills some sort of niche. Hopefully I’ll update frequently, as things like this tend to wither and die without regular attention. I have a lengthy daily commute, and an iPad, both of which should help!


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