Back from VSS, off to AVA

Last week I was at the VSS conference in Naples, Florida. Went on a boat, met lots of interesting people, and my poster went down well. It was fun!  Here are some photos.

For the first time, I had my poster printed onto fabric by It was great being able to fold it up in my luggage, instead of having to take a poster tube on lots of planes. The print quality is slightly below that of paper, but it’s a small sacrifice for the convenience, and it’s still more than readable. There were lots of other posters printed onto fabric this year, so I think it’s something that’s just about to go mainstream.

I saw lots of interesting birds, and this rather neat grating butterfly:

Something I noticed this year was the number of posters with QR codes. It’s neat – you just scan the code using a smart phone or iPad with a QR reader app, and it downloads a pdf of the poster. I recently upgraded to an iPad 3, which has a camera (unlike my first gen iPad), so I scanned a fair few that way. I’m off to an AVA conference in Cambridge next week, so I decided to include a QR code on my poster, created using Kaywa. It was a bit of a fiddle getting the code on the poster to point to the pdf of the poster, as I had to know the web address in advance of creating the code. Worked though 🙂


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