Big ‘ooohs’ and big news

Last week I was in Sardinia for this year’s ECVP conference. Despite some bad weather, organisational problems, and the first venue I’ve been to without free wifi, it was a great week with some fantastic talks and posters. There was lots of nice food and company too, and we saw some amazing caves:
My talk was on the Tuesday, and was the first outing for a new size adaptation effect we discovered in the Aston lab. The room was stacked to the rafters, and I was very surprised at the response I got from the first demo video – everyone went “oooh” at the same time! There should be a write-up of the illusion coming soon in the Friday Illusion blog at New Scientist. [EDIT: Now live, here].
Also whilst in Sardinia, I had a job interview over Skype. A bit unconventional, but it seemed to work OK. Anyway, they must have liked me because they offered me the job! So, from this January I will be a lecturer in the Dept of Psychology at the University of York. I went for a visit this week, and it’s a lovely campus with a great department. Lots of interesting things going on to get involved with.

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