Drooling over cameras

A few weeks ago, I finally gave in to temptation and bought myself a new camera. It’s a Fuji X100, and it is unique in that it contains a large APS-C sensor usually found in DSLR cameras, but in a small body that you can fit in a bag or (coat) pocket. To me this makes all the difference, as it means I can have a good camera with me all the time (I have a DSLR too, but it’s just too big and heavy to take everywhere with me). Often opportunities for great photographs happen when you least expect, and you miss them if you don’t have a camera with you. Here’s a sample image I took the other day in our local cemetery:

Graveyard teddy keeps dead people company

The advantage of a large sensor is that the signal to noise ratio at each photosite is higher. In practical terms, you can take photos in lower ambient light without using the flash, and without ending up with blurry or grainy images. This is ideal for social situations like parties, pub or restaurant outings, which is where I find myself taking lots of photos. The camera’s lens also has a large aperture, which lets in lots of light, also improving indoor and nighttime photos. Here’s an indoor nighttime shot of me playing a song at our local open mic night recently:

Me playing a song at the Glebe open mic night. Lots of people were watching, they’re just behind the camera…

So far I’ve been loving the camera, particularly the black and white setting, which allows you to see how a photo will look in greyscale immediately. There’s also some very clever image processing going on to deal with complex lighting situations, but it’s all seamless and invisible, and always seems to get things right first time.

Some huge tentacles trying to eat (or perhaps sell) a rather ugly bag.

So, for anyone thinking about buying a new camera, the Fuji X100 comes highly recommended.


4 Responses to Drooling over cameras

  1. Robert P. O'Shea says:

    Ken Rockwell’s review was amazing. I spent quite a bit of time on his site, including “Everything new sucks” (http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/everything-sucks.htm). Priceless!

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