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I am a senior lecturer in the Department of Psychology at the University of York (UK). My research interests are focused around human spatial vision, particularly binocular vision, mostly investigated using psychophysical (behavioural) and electrophysiological techniques. I maintain a list of published papers on my work webpage and on Google Scholar. Below are details of other members of my lab, past and present, and collaborators.

Current lab members

Aurelio Bruno

Aurelio joined the lab as a postdoc in 2019 after obtaining a prestigious fellowship from the Wellcome Trust. He is an expert in time perception, and is researching how this might differ in individuals with autism.

Freya Lygo

Freya joined the lab as a PhD student in October 2015. Her project involves understanding the neural substrates of amblyopia.

Anika Smith

Anika completed her final year undergraduate project in the lab, and is currently a PhD student. Her project was awarded the 2015 BPS Psychobiology Section undergraduate project prize, as well as a prize from the department for best talk.

Past lab members

Dave Coggan: PhD student (2014-2019; primary supervisor Tim Andrews), subsequently a postdoc at Vanderbilt University.

Bruno Richard: postdoctoral researcher (2015-2017), subsequently a postdoc at Rutgers University.

Greta Vilidaite: PhD student (2014-2018), subsequently a postdoc at Stanford University.

Miaomiao Yu: summer bursary student (2015), funded by the EPS, subsequently a PhD student with Alex Wade.

Kirstie Wailes-Newson: summer bursary student (2014), subsequently gained an ESRC 1+3 studentship.

Also, a large number of extremely talented undergraduate and MSc project students and a few volunteers.

Current and recent collaborators

Tim Andrews, Alex Wade, Jonny Smallwood (York)

Tim Meese, Mark Georgeson (Aston University, Birmingham)

Robert Hess (McGill University, Canada)

Jon Peirce, Darren Cunningham (University of Nottingham)

Katie Gray (University of Reading)

Liz Milne (University of Sheffield)

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